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Fast Lane Carnage

In a grim future where the rich live in fortified compounds and the masses are left to rot in polluted slums, one of the few routes out of poverty is to participate in car races where the vehicles are heavily armed and the race s winner is as likely to be the best shot as the best driver. Everything is allowed in order for you to be the first (or the only one) remaining on the road: use your speed, your aggressiveness and various stuff from the level. For each race won, you eanr monet so you can buy new stuff to customize your car and to upgrade it. More powerful, faster, armed better, your car becomes a weapon annihilating your opponents in breathtaking road battles. Fast Lane Carnage is a top view race game with a unique underground feeling. It offers gripping gameplay, varied weapons and a very intuitive control system that makes tearing up the streets a joy to behold.

System Requirements:
Windows XP/2000/NT/98
600Mhz CPU (800 prefered)
OpenGL-compatible Graphic Card w/16MB(32MB prefered)
128MB RAM (256 prefered)
300MB hard drive space


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