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Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway - a game story based on real historical facts, we have to take its roots 101 th Airborne Division United States Army in opreatsii "Market-Garden" in September 1944, when Allied forces took avantyurnuyu attempt to quickly finish war. "Market Garden" has become the largest-ever operation with the use of airborne troops. We will have to meet, we had already known from previous series, Matt Baker and Joe Hartsock and lead them into battle.

The unprecedented graphics and unique gameplay will help you feel yourself in the skin of the paratroopers.

Game features:
* Brothers in Arms Hell `s Highway - a new word in a series of game BiA: using the latest advances in gaming hardware, classic team shuter brought in a new light, blistaya uniquely beautiful graphics and endless gaming

* New History. New turns of fate. Please take a defiant attempt to force the end of the war during Operation "Market-Garden" shoulder to shoulder with Baker, Hartstokom and the rest soldiers one hundred and first Airborne

* Feel paratroopers: Squeeze to the ground, under enemy fire shkvalnym, feel in their own skin fell in a few meters from your shell, receive instructions from headquarters, patrol the area, ambush by the enemy. Detect the enemy before he discovers you, it gives you a chance to survive fighting

* Unseen to this day, the level of development of the characters. The main heroes of the game speak, move and act like human beings, graphic detail put into a qualitatively new level of realism. Throughout the game characters will behave like true brothers in arms, offering ammunition, helping wounded comrades and civilians, gathering in the team to manage the heavy weapons dalnoboynym

* Rich kinematograficheskaya component: as a commander unit, you will work closely with your comrades in arms, each of which has its own history and their personal qualities that will become brighter and brighter occur in the course of the game

* New ways to use of heavy weapons: you can create a squad for the management of heavy machine gun, and rocket launchers to destroy enemy tanks and buildings, mortars to attack from distant positions

* The unique thrill of multiplayer mode: you are waiting for what has always distinguished series of BiA, what made it so popular with players from all over the world - a combination of drive and ease of treatment Deathmatch c gameplay command shutera

* Nothing is forever under the sun: Choose wisely shelters for their soldiers as a weapon in the game, in accordance with the actual physical laws, can hurt, burn or destroy almost any object of the game environment

password : indowebster4ever

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